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What is an electric candle warmer and how does it work

What is an electric candle warmer and how does it work An electric candle warmer is a device that is used to melt candles, releasing their fragrance into the air. There are two main types of electric candle warmers: warmers that use a light bulb, and warmers that use a heating element. Both types of […]

Looking for Power in a Cordless Leaf Blower? The Ego LB6504 is the Best

The options available for personal leaf blowers have grown leaps and bounds from the loud and smelly gas-powered blowers of yesterday. And, with cordless options, you no longer have to limit your yard work to the nearest 50 feet. But often, these gasless cordless options have less power. However, the EGO LB6504 Cordless Blower combines the quiet […]

Vitamix 5200 – The Best Blender for Your Kitchen

Blenders are used daily in many households for many different things. Whether you’re blending up your daily breakfast smoothie or your making milkshakes for your child’s entire sleepover crew, you want to have the best blender on the market for your convenience. The Vitamix 5200 may just be the best blend for your buck. Below we will […]

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