Apple unveils an improved remote for its Apple TV

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The Apple TV remote is one of the weakest parts of the company’s set-top box, and Apple is, at last, addressing it today. The company just unveiled a refreshed Apple TV remote that it says it completely redesigned. It has new navigation buttons, and a power button that can turn your TV on and off. It’s made out of recycled aluminum. The new remote was unveiled alongside Apple’s updated Apple TV 4K box, which has a more powerful processor that can support high-framerate HDR content.

Although the build quality and looks of the set-top box’s remote have never been lacking, people have had no shortage of complaints about its functionality. For one, its size can be too small to be used comfortably, and it’s also super easy to lose. Design-wise, it’s annoyingly symmetrical, so half the time, you’re likely to pick it up the wrong way if you’re not careful.

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Yes, you’ve always been able to replace the Apple TV’s remote with a universal remote or use an app on your phone to control the set-top box. But for those who just want a better remote, here is that solution. The new remote will be available alongside the new Apple TV 4K, which starts at $179 for the 32GB model and will be available for preorder starting April 30.

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