After Math: 24-hour PogChamps and 56-inch ‘Hyperscreens’

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So, wild week huh. Probably not how most of us had hoped to start the new year off, but hey, it didn’t really pan out for the president either what with Twitter and Facebook having finally suspended Donald Trump’s social media accounts. And as if that wasn’t crisis enough, a whole bunch of other things are going on as well. We’re still in the middle of the COVID pandemic, a virtual CES 2021 starts this week, and Section 230 is apparently staying put, at least through the presidential transition later this month. Here are some of the top headlines from this, just bonkers week.


Elijah Nouvelage / reuters

Twitch will refresh the PogChamp emote image every 24 hours

PogChamp is back, Bart! In randomly selected community member avatar form! Thank you, thank you, this has been a hamfisted atempt at a throwback reference to a Simpsons’ episode which first aired in 1995.

20k leagues

Defunctland, YouTube

Disney’s decommissioned ‘20,000 Leagues’ ride gets a second life in VR

Disneyland’s 20,000 Leagues ride hasn’t been open since the Clinton administration but that hasn’t stopped a digital archivist from scouring the internet for video footage from the ‘80s and ‘90s of the now defunct attraction and stitched them together into an immersive VR experience. It’s one that’s sure to bore today’s children just as much as the real thing did the 9-year-old me.


POOL New / reuters

FCC head Ajit Pai won’t reform Section 230 before he leaves office

FCC Chair Ajit Pai has managed — seemingly in spite of his very nature — to not make things worse for once. Despite increasing pressure from Donald Trump to repeal section 230 in his final days in office, Pai put his foot and his comically large coffee mug, down. In doing so he’s denied the president’s overtures and ensured that section 230 will remain in effect into the Biden Administration.


the_guitar_mann via Getty Images

Boeing agrees to pay $2.5 billion to settle criminal charge over 737 Max crashes

Just in case you needed another reason why flying isn’t a great idea right now — you know, beyond the deadly lung virus that’s killing 4,000-plus Americans a day.



Mercedes-Benz made a 56-inch ‘Hyperscreen’ for its EQS electric car

Granted, given the digital nature of this year’s CES means that all press conferences are going to be virtual. But if we can get all of the products rendered in the same quasi-Tron style that Mercedes is using for its gigantic, dash-spanning infotainment control display, well maybe it won’t be half bad.

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