Tesla Model S “Refresh” spotted with Plaid-style widebody and new wheels near HQ

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A Tesla Model S “Refresh” with widebody, an updated rear diffuser, and new wheels were spotted near the company’s Silicon Valley-based headquarters on New Year’s Day.

Photos of a blue Model S with chrome-deleted trim and a visibly-wider stance could provide further validation that Tesla’s flagship sedan is on course for its long-awaited design refresh that includes Tesla’s next-generation Tri-motor Plaid Powertrain.

Ryan Levenson of The Kilowatts Youtube channel spotted the unique Model S with manufacturer plates on Friday, early afternoon, near the intersection of Arastradero Road and Purissima Road in Palo Alto, California.

Photo Credit: The Kilowatts

It’s the first known sighting of a Model S with factory widebody on public roads since the company’s September 2020 teasing of a record-setting Plaid Model S.

Arastradero Road near Tesla headquarters is no stranger to seeing Tesla alpha and prototype vehicles, and a pathway that’s become synonymous with an unofficial testbed for new vehicles and Autopilot development.

In addition to the matte black window trim seen on the Model S Refresh, further suggesting that Tesla will be doing away with chrome trim altogether and will likely upgrade futures versions of its flagship Model X SUV with similar “chrome delete”, new wheels, and revised headlights were also spotted.

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Tesla Model S “Refresh” spotted with Plaid-style widebody and new wheels near HQ

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