Porsche bakes Apple Podcasts and Apple Music lyrics into its Taycan EV

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Porsche Taycan Apple Podcasts


Porsche Taycan owners can stream Apple Podcasts without having to connect their iPhone over CarPlay. The automaker says it’s the first native integration of the Podcasts app into any car.

If you link your Apple ID to your Taycan, you can continue listening to podcasts where you left off on other devices. The app offers access to more than 1.5 million podcasts in more than 100 languages, and it includes top charts for shows and episodes.

The Taycan has had a standalone Apple Music app since August last year as well. The EV now supports the service’s time-synced lyrics on the passenger-side display. Porsche is offering new and existing owners up to six months of Apple Music access for free, and new customers can get three years of streaming data for music and podcasts at no extra charge. 

The Apple Podcasts and Apple Music features are available to new Taycan owners starting today. Those who already have the EV will be able to access them in January.

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