Tesla giveaway from David Dobrik encourages people to vote

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Tesla owner, enthusiast, and YouTube sensation David Dobrik is doing another Tesla giveaway, but this time, people register to vote.

Dobrik has teamed up with HeadCount, a nonprofit organization that encourages people to register to and perform voting responsibilities during the upcoming election. Dobrik posted a photo on his Instagram account of him with five Tesla Model 3 electric sedans, two with white and three with black interiors.

The caption stated, “Hi!! HeadCount and I are giving away 5 Teslas to you guys!! All you have to do is share this to your story, tag a friend in the comments and make sure you’re good to vote at my link in bio!! Winners will be announced Monday. Good luck!!”

Dobrik is a well-known supporter of Tesla’s electric vehicles and owns a Model X P90D that is often spotted in many of his videos. Additionally, Dobrik has given Model 3s and a Model X away to his friends and co-workers in the past. But, this is far from his first Tesla giveaway in terms of a competition.

Last Christmas, Dobrik teamed up with SeatGeek, one of his many sponsors, to give away a Model 3. For his birthday in mid-July, he gave away two more Model 3s with the help of G Fuel.

David Dobrik’s Tesla launch does not define his love for the company

Dobrik is one of Tesla’s most prominent supporters, and his Model X constant appearance in his videos is undoubtedly some of the best advertising available. With over 18 million YouTube subscribers and over 7 billion video views, Dobrik’s continuous gifting of the most sustainable cars on Earth has, without a doubt, won over some viewers to purchase a Tesla.

Interestingly, Dobrik and his many sponsors have never done a giveaway with another manufacturer’s cars. Teslas are the only vehicles that Dobrik has ever done a giveaway for. While he has given friends BMWs, Lamborghinis, and Mercedes-Benz to friends in some of his vlogs, he will only provide the lucky winners of his sweepstakes the most sustainable, energy-friendly cars on Earth: Teslas.

Tesla giveaway from David Dobrik encourages people to vote

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