Maserati MC20 reveal: Watch the new sports car debut here – Roadshow

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Happy Maserati MC20 day, everyone. In just a few hours, we'll be treated to a new sports car. It's 2020, we have to take these little victories.

Maserati initially planned to reveal the the MC20 this past May, but scrapped plans as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world. We then learned the car would make a digital debut in September. And here we are. 

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The MC20 will carry the brand's racing heritage forward and will offer both a traditional internal-combustion engine setup and a purely electric powertrain. It's not clear if one or the other will debut today; perhaps we'll see both.

Stick around or come back to watch with us at 11:35 a.m. PT (2:35 p.m. ET) and see the event unfold.

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