Trying out the Tesla Model Y, comparing it to my Model 3!

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I was eager to try the Model Y, as a Model 3 owner for over a year and a half. Used Model 3 values are holding up really well, so a trade-in is very appealing!

I wanted to have the Model Y for a full day to test it out on my own terms, so I rented it from a really cool San Diego company called Pacific Ride Rentals that only rents out Teslas! They have all Teslas currently in production available to rent.

If you want to check them out, here’s the link (not sponsored by them or compensated in any way):

I know some people might balk at the idea of calling a $50,000 car “affordable,” and I don’t blame you. The plan for this model was for the price to eventually get close to $40,000 much more reasonable considering the median US car price of about $35,000.

Overall, my opinion is that because of the superior experience, technology, and value retention of Teslas and this car in particular, $40,000 makes it a no-brainer, $45,000 is a good deal, and $50,000 is worth at least considering.

The price including options for this specific car is $60,000, and includes:

20″ induction wheels ($2,000)
Full self driving capability ($8,000)

Hope you enjoy the video!

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