Tesla Model Y Tesmanian Cargo Mat Review

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Tesmanian Cargo Mat for Tesla Model Y Review

I finally received my Tesmanian Cargo Mat in the mail and wanted to take the time to give an honest review. Unlike some of the other videos out there, I DID NOT receive these mats free, nor am I being paid for this review in any way. This is an honest review and I think there is enough to point out for consideration in these mats.

When you take delivery of your Tesla Model Y, one of the first things you will want to do is provide protection to the car, and the cargo area is no exception. In fact, the first thing I wanted to get my hands on when I took delivery was a cargo mat. Well, now cargo mats are finally hitting the market and based on reviews from others, I selected the Tesmanian mat to best fit my needs.

I hope this video helps you in deciding on the options available to you.

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