These Location-Based VR Shipping Containers Are COVID Safe

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UNCONTAINED features advanced haptics and COVID safety protocols to offer a one-of-a-kind LBVR solution.

When you think of location-based VR entertainment you probably think of LBVR providers such as The Void, which took interactive entertainment in a new direction by immersing players in big Hollywood franchises like Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Wreck-it Ralph. Unlike at-home VR setups, The VOID allowed players the freedom to physically walk through an experience while interacting with real-world objects. Select experiences even featured smell and temperature haptics.

Unfortunately, The Void permantetly shuttered its doors this past July due to a combination of funding issues and complications brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. With COVID vaccinations on the rise, however, Vancouver-based company Immersive Tech is moving forward to bring its own LBVR solution to the public with UNCONTAINED, a plug-and-play hyper-reality experiences built using industrial shipping containers.

Each container portal delivers a wireless, multiplayer mixed reality adventures for up to six players that blends both virtual and physical interactions, promising an immersive experience unlike anything available on consumer headsets such as the Oculus Quest.

Image Credit: Immersive Tech

The first UNCONTAINED VR experience from Immersive Tech will have you navigating a massive space station as you work with your group to defend yourself from invaders by operating a series of buttons and levers. There’s also a PvP game mode where can can battle against your friends.

During gameplay, you’ll experience a wide range of haptic feedback. When a ship collides into the station, you’ll feel the impact from the explosion thanks to pneumatic air blasts, heaters, and additional scent blasts. Haptics will rumble any objects you’re holding as well as the container itself, further immersing you in the adrenaline-pumping 5D adventure.

Image Credit: Immersive Tech

In an official press release, Tim Bieber, CEO of Immersive Tech, said “UNCONTAINED is nothing like any VR shooter game people may have experienced before,” adding, “In UNCONTAINED, players will be pulling devices out of the wall, working in teams, or battling each other to create new, magical memories together.”

Thanks to its modular design, Immersive Tech is able to customize, scale, and even stack its UNCONTAINED “portals.”

One thing you might be wondering: is it safe stepping into a shipping container with six other players directly following a global pandemic? While it’s true vaccinations are on the rise, we’re still a long way off from normal. COVID safety will no doubt remain a priority for the foreseeable future, a consideration Immersive Tech took into account when designing its UNCONTAINED system. Once you step inside the shipping contrainer you’ll notice a wide range of COVID-specific safety features.

Image Credit: Immersive Tech

UNCONTAINED units are integrated with a powerful HVAC system designed to keep the container properly ventilated at all times, something the CDC strongly recommends. As for sanitation, UNCONTAINED portals are equipped with UV lights that are activated between sessions, properly sanitizing each unit for the next group.

To help build up some hype for its LBVR experience, Immersive Tech enlisted the help of celebrity magician and puzzle master, Chris Ramsey, who has over 4.5M YouTube subscribers.

Ramsey will create an exclusive show around UNCONTAINED, which he’ll share with his 6.4M fans across social media. “I am impressed with Immersive Tech’s trailblazing technology as it positions itself to be the global leader in the emerging AR/VR – LBE based products with UNCONTAINED,” said Ramsey.

Image Credit: Immersive Tech

Steven Dooner, Franchise Development Adviser at Immersive Tech, is excited to bring customers back to group activities.

“UNCONTAINED is the ultimate immersive sensory experience. People will be talking about it like a Marvel movie saying, I can’t wait to come back to the next one.” 

UNCONTAINED will be available for pre-order beginning August 2021. For more information visit


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