‘Pistol Whip: Smoke & Thunder’ & ‘Concierge’ Expansion Teased for Summer Release

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        <!-- Share buttons by mashshare.net - Version: 3.4.0-->Similar to the previously released <em>Pistol Whip</em> ‘2089’ expansion, the game is due to get another free expansion called ‘Smoke &amp; Thunder’ which will bring five new levels tied together by a short narrative with a Wild West vibe. The update will also bring ‘The Concierge’ which is said to drastically expand the game’s modifiers, allowing players to come up with new and more challenging ways to play.

Launched earlier this year, Pistol Whip ‘2089’ was a free, five-level expansion to the game which also brought new gameplay ideas and a light narrative illustrated with graphic-novel style art. Check out our review here.

Pistol Whip ‘Smoke & Thunder’ will be a similar expansion, with five new levels that follow a different narrative, in which “trains, tech, and explosions set the scene for some exciting surprises,” says developer Cloudhead Games. The studio revealed a teaser today for the upcoming expansion during the Oculus Gaming Showcase.

In addition to the ‘Smoke & Thunder’ expansion, the update will also bring ‘The Concierge’, which the studio says will “unlock total customization for Pistol Whip players.” The Concierge will seemingly rework the existing modifier options while introducing new ones.

“Whether you prefer bottomless burst pistols or dodging through levels as a no-ammo pacifist, seemingly endless combinations of weapons and modifiers for every level will allow you to truly hone your play style.”

Further, it sounds like ‘The Concierge’ will present pre-made modifier sets which will have their own leaderboards, and those sets will rotate on a regular basis, giving players fresh competition to chase.

Both Pistol Whip ‘Smoke & Thunder’ and ‘The Concierge’ are set to launch this Summer.

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