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If you’re a ride-hailing or delivery driver — or just want a video record of your travels in the event of an accident — you have probably considered getting a dash cam. I’ve thought about it, but some dash cams are pricey, while others are ugly or get in the way. And then there are the unsightly wires. Here’s one that wins on all those counts: From now through April 24, the Apeman Dual Dash Cam C550 is now just $40 when you clip the coupon on the product page, saving you a cool $20. 

The usual additional caveats apply: Apeman (which I can only assume sounds like a cooler name in some other language) can change the value of the coupon or make it expire at any time, so if this deal appeals to you, get it while you can.  

The look of this dash cam really appeals to me. The front 1080p camera uses 3M adhesive tape to stick to the inside of your windshield and connects to your car’s accessory power with a wire designed to be hidden in the car’s pillar with a small included tool. A second 720p camera can be mounted in the rear windshield or above the license plate, and its wiring can be similarly hidden as well. 

Once they’re set up, you get pretty comprehensive video recording in front and back whenever the car is running, with a looping recording that automatically overwrites the oldest video when your SD card is full. If a camera senses an impact, though, it automatically locks that particular video file from deletion. And the front camera has a display that broadcasts the rear camera’s video feed, so you can see that just by looking up at the front camera. 

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