‘After the Fall’ Will Launch on Quest Alongside Rift & PSVR, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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        <!-- Share buttons by mashshare.net - Version: 3.4.0-->Zombie shooter&nbsp;<em>After the Fall</em> has been confirmed for Oculus Quest, in addition to previously confirmed platforms Oculus PC and PSVR. Developer&nbsp;Vertigo Games today revealed a new gameplay trailer offering the clearest picture yet of the game’s post-apocalyptic co-op zombie action.

Today developer Vertigo Games confirmed during the Oculus Gaming Showcase that After the Fall will be released on Quest alongside Oculus PC and PSVR, including full cross-platform co-op for up to four players.

A new gameplay trailer revealed today shows new weapons, enemies, and environments.

While a final release date hasn’t yet been pinpointed for the game, Vertigo Games says After the Fall is set to release this Summer.

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