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Beats Solo Pro

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There are those of us who settle for $10 earbuds and those of us who crave $300 headphones. If you’re in the latter camp, good news: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Daily Steals has the Beats Solo Pro on-ear ANC headphones for $145 — a full $155 off list and the lowest price we’ve ever seen. It’s available in your choice of light blue or red. To get the deal, apply promo code CNETBSP at checkout. 

The Solo Pro is a notable headphone for a few reasons. First, its earcups sit on your ears; they don’t envelope them like over-the-ear headphones. The advantage there is a more compact, travel-friendly size, but you also lose that added bit of noise isolation.

Beats’ Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation technology is on hand (er, ear) to help block the outside world. You’ll want to read David Carnoy’s Beats Solo Pro review to learn more about that and how the headphones perform overall.

His big complaint was with the omission of a cable for wired listening. I agree, it’s ludicrous that that’s not included. Thankfully, if you want that option, something like this $8 third-party cable should do the trick.

The Solo Pro promises up to 22 hours of listening time (and that’s with ANC turned on), and for Apple it offers always-on Siri. (Android users can push a button to invoke Google Assistant.) It automatically turns off when folded up and turns back on when unfolded.

So, yeah, lots of nice little touches, plus industry-leading ANC. These headphones rival previous-generation models from Bose and Sony, but cost considerably less right now.

Your thoughts?

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This article was first published last week. It has been updated with a better deal.

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