‘Z-Race’ Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Futuristic Zero-G VR Racing

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Mario Kart meets F-Zero in this physics-driven racing experience.

This week developer XOCUS gave us our first look at actual gameplay from Z-Race, an upcoming VR racing game in which players go head-to-head using futuristic anti-gravity racing ships.

The official gameplay trailer, available now on the companies YouTube channel, showcases a variety of ships and race tracks (aka “hypertunnels”) players will have access to upon the game’s launch in early access next week.

According to XOCUS, Z-Race will feature comfortable third-person driving mechanics based on real-world physics, allowing pilots to compete in both synchronous and asynchronous races against other human players from all over the world. A global leaderboard will keep track of your performance, letting you stay up-to-date on the rankings and compete for the best times against friends and fellow competitors.

Any pilots in need of a sponsorship? // Image Credit: XOCUS

In addition to the “atomic physics” and captivating environments, Z-Race sets itself apart from the pack with its unique take on ship customization. As players progress, they’ll unlock additional skins and cosmetics inspired by well-known companies and personalities from within the VR community. This includes Steve Knows, Eric For President, VR365, Rendered Reality, BMF, Virtual Desktop, Cas and Chary, and—of course—VRScout!

Z-Race is scheduled to launch in early access on March 2nd via SteamVR. No word yet on an official price.


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