Android COVID-19 tracking apps are experiencing loading issues

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The CA COVID Notify mobile app, an exposure notification app launched by California officials for tracing during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, is seen on an Android phone in a photo illustration in Oakland, California, U.S. November 18, 2020. Picture taken November 18, 2020. REUTERS/Paresh Dave

Paresh Dave / reuters

Apps that use the Android Exposure Notifications System are currently experiencing loading issues. The Android apps, which track the spread of COVID-19 via Bluetooth, are taking longer to load and carry out exposure checks, according to The Verge. Google's engineers are attempting to resolve the issue, which is reportedly affecting all apps that use the system worldwide. Engadget has contacted Google for comment.

The NHS wrote on Twitter that users of its COVID-19 app in England and Wales are receiving a loading screen notification that reportedly stays in the notifications area. The health authority said it's working with Google to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Google collaborated with Apple on a contact tracing system, which they released to public health agencies last May. Engadget has asked Apple if it has received any reports of similar issues affecting iOS exposure notification apps.

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