Black Friday Lenovo laptop sale: $968 for Lenovo ThinkPad T490S, $950 for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 4 and more – CNET

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    <p class="speakableTextP1">This year is the year of working from home and all of that work on your computer can take a toll, maybe you need a new one? Might as well treat yourself to a new Lenovo <span class="link" section="shortcodeLink"><a href="">laptop</a></span> for the holidays. The <span class="link" data-track="anchorLink"><a href="" data-component="linkTracker" data-link-tracker-options="{"action":"link_anchor"}">Black Friday deals</a></span> are already underway, and Lenovo is trotting out discounts on a bunch of our favorite 2020 laptops. If you're looking for the latest deals, a model from the flagship <span class="link" section="shortcodeLink"><a href="">ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8</a></span> line is deeply discounted, along with a configuration from the previous X1 Carbon Gen 7 series. Two-in-one convertible tablet-laptops are also seeing big price cuts, including the ThinkPad X1 Yoga. And you can even score a Legion gaming laptop.</p><p class="speakableTextP2">You'll need discount codes for these pre-Black Friday  Lenovo deals. We've listed all the discount codes below, but they should appear on the Lenovo page, too. With that small caveat noted, let's dive into the deals and find a new Lenovo laptop. We'll keep updating this page with all the latest Lenovo deals.</p><div class="shortcode listicle " section="listicle" id="listicle-c9042671-c42b-47ce-a81a-9cf3f549a9e0" data-track="listicle" readability="13.956087824351">

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                    <span class="imageCredit">Lenovo</span>

                    You can save nearly $1,000 on Lenovo's flagship ThinkPad with code <strong>THINKBFSALE</strong>. It features a 10th-gen Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB solid-state drive. The 14-inch display offers full HD resolution and 400 nits of brightness. This model is customizable, and I suggest doubling the RAM to 16GB and the SSD to 512GB. Those upgrades raise the price to $1,450, but also bumps the savings up to $1,186 off with the above code.


The ThinkPad T490S is a slimmer version of the ThinkPad T490 but not quite as thin as the flagship ThinkPad X1 Carbon. This configuration is less than $1,000 with code THINKYAY and features a eighth-gen Core i5 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. The 14-inch display has a full HD (1,920×1,080-pixel) resolution and 300 nits of brightness. The CPU is two generations old but should have no trouble with general office tasks, especially with an ample 16GB of memory. 

Joshua Goldman/CNET

Our favorite two-in-one laptop for the business set, the ThinkPad X1 Yoga boasts an abundance of hardware options and security features all wrapped up in a thin, light aluminum frame. And with the code THINKBFNOW12, you can get it for only $950. This model gives you a 10th-gen Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. It also includes the ThinkPad Pen Pro. The 14-inch screen has a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution and 400 nits of brightness.

Read our Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 4 review.


Lenovo isn't likely the first name you think of when it comes to gaming laptops, but this midrange gaming machine is a terrific value at its current sale price. You can save $442 with code BFStartsNow on a Legion 7i gaming laptop that features a 10th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and GeForce RTX 2060 graphics. The RTX 2060 is the budget card in Nvidia's RTX lineup and offers excellent performance at this price, along with ray tracing, which reproduces how light behaves in the real world to give games a more photorealistic look. The laptop also supplies a roomy 1TB SSD for storage. The 15.6-inch display features a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution and a speedy 144Hz refresh rate, and is rated for an impressive 500 nits of brightness.


Sarah Tew/CNET

Lenovo's premium two-in-one delivers 10th-gen Intel processors and is designed to instantly wake from sleep, one of the phonelike features it received courtesy of Intel's Project Athena. You can get the C940 with a 14- or 15-inch display. This 14-inch model is on sale; you can save $310 with code BFStartsNow. It features a 10th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD and Intel Iris graphics. The 14-inch touchscreen can be rotated 360 degrees into tablet mode and has a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution and is rated for 400 nits of brightness.


The Legion Y540 lacks the aluminum chassis of the higher-end Legion 7i but packs a punch inside its molded-plastic enclosure. You'd be hard-pressed to find GeForce RTX graphics for less than this sale model. It features a ninth-gen Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics. The 15.6-inch display features a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution and a speedy 144Hz refresh rate, and is rated for 300 nits of brightness.


Lenovo's ThinkPad T series is second only to the company's flagship X1 Carbon line in the ThinkPad pecking order. With code CLEAR10, you can knock a huge hole in the price of this model, which has a 14-inch screen powered by a 10th-gen Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. The display is crisp and bright with a 2K (2,560×1,440-pixel) resolution and 500 nits of brightness. 

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

It's not quite as thin and light as the flagship X1 Carbon, and its display is a smidge smaller, but the 13-inch ThinkPad X390 is a rugged laptop built for business. This configuration features the component lineup as the ThinkPad T490 above: eighth-gen Core i5, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. The 13.3-inch display features a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution and 300 nits of brightness. You can get it for $900 with code THINKYAY.

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