Spice And Wolf 2 Will Not Come To Quest After Failing Platform Approval

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Bad news for those hoping for a Spice And Wolf 2 Quest version – the game has been rejected for sale on the official store.

Developer SpicyTails confirmed the news on Twitter late last month. The translated tweet notes that the game will not be coming to the standalone headset and its successor as the studio (in the translated term) “failed the examination”. Facebook runs a strict curation policy for selling games on the official Quest store that has turned lots of games and apps away. This tweet seems to be referring to that process.

Spice And Wolf 2 Quest Version Not Happening

Popular titles like Crisis: VRigade have instead turned to sideloading platform, SideQuest, but it doesn’t seem like Spice and Wolf 2 will take this route.

“Perhaps the price / play time ratio was judged based on the game,” Spicy Tails wrote of the process. To that point, we did note in our review of the original experience that the piece was incredibly short, lasting just 30 minutes. Still, fans of the Japanese series seem to like it – the game holds a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam with nearly 700 reviews.

Instead, Spice and Wolf 2 will release on PSVR, PC VR and there are plans for an Oculus Go and Nintendo Switch version too. A release date hasn’t been announced but, if it’s releasing on Go it could be quite soon; Facebook will stop accepting new apps onto the Go store in December now that the headset is no longer on sale. The Steam version won’t officially support the Valve Index or Windows Mixed Reality headsets, but the developer says they may work all the same.

Still, there are other Japanese VR experiences on their way to Quest. Last week we took a look at the promising VR visual novel follow-up, Altdeus: Beyond Chronos, and the Quest 2’s launch line-up features much more content.

Will you be picking up Spice And Wolf 2? Are you disappointed there’s no Spice And Wolf 2 Quest version? Let us know in the comments below!

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