Livestream: Oculus Quest 2 Post-Facebook Connect Keynote Discussion

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We’ll be watching the Facebook Connect keynote set to begin at 10 am pacific on Wednesday September 16th looking for the full story on Oculus Quest 2 and everything else Facebook plans to announce in VR and AR.

Immediately after the keynote we’ll be live in our studio discussing all the details, connected across continents by virtual reality. If you’ve never seen our VR Download show, this week’s special episode is definitely the time to tune in. Our broadcast studio is made in Unity by staffer David Heaney and utilizes Oculus Avatars enabling us to feel like we’re together. We then talk about VR news and break it all down.

Of course, some details have already leaked for Oculus Quest 2, including its XR2 chipset , adjustable lenses and even the box it comes inside. We expect to get the full story in the keynote and then, right after, tune in live to the VR Download at 11 am Pacific on Sept. 16 and let us know if you have any questions about VR!

The VR market is poised for significant change with announcements expected this week from several companies. We’ll have the latest for you here on all week, and in the weeks ahead, as a new generation begins for both gaming and VR. In the afternoon on September 16th Sony is expected to make its latest PS5-related announcements and Facebook’s technical VR leader John Carmack will deliver an unscripted keynote to close out the day.

Check back here at 11 am, bookmark the video above, or subscribe to our channel! And in the meantime, here are two recent episodes to watch from the VR Download discussing recent news with folks from SideQuest, Virtual Desktop, Bigscreen, Mozilla, and Voices of VR.

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