Crowdfunded VR Ears Headset Audio Project Likely Delayed To 2021

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The crowdfunding project which raised more than $200,000 from over 2,000 people for VR Ears, an off-ear VR headset audio solution, may not ship until 2021.

Today Rebuff Reality alerted backers of the VR Ears project to the potential delay. The project raised funds in May and estimated shipping at the time was slated for December 2020. Rebuff is also the company behind the VR Power accessory which we’ve found can dramatically enhance the comfort of an Oculus Quest for some people.

VR Ears photo included in the latest Kickstarter packer update.

VR Ears are meant to be clipped to the headset and upgrade the aural experience for some systems with weak audio. According to the company “the latest version of VR Ears” is said to include “vastly improved bass response” but “we are likely to delay the shipment date until early next year. However, we do not plan on making any additional changes and will be kicking of tooling soon!”

Like most other companies, Rebuff Reality was impacted by COVID-19 this year and its products saw some major delays. Recently, though, the company reported that shipping for VR Power had moved to within a couple weeks.

Hopefully we can go hands-on with the new VR Ears design sometime soon. Crowdfunded hardware projects are frequently delayed and there’s a lot of wiggle room in a shipping window of “early next year”. We’ll be sure keep an eye out for more updates about VR Ears from Rebuff Reality as the company heads toward production of the accessory.

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