Why I sold my Tesla Model S

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We sold the Tesla in early 2020. Here's why…

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We're a couple of petrolheads who now drive an Electric Car or EV as our family car. We're surprised to say how converted we are to electric cars and actually enjoy driving them too!

So we have set up this channel to show that the future of being a car guy, petrolhead, gearhead, driver or whatever your term of choice, is still a good one! In many ways its even better!

We would love to help anyone who is tempted by an EV, so please get in touch:

[email protected]gmail.com


Fancy a Tesla? Use my referral code for free Supercharging miles – https://ts.la/andrew29661

We also encourage everyone to look into renewable energy. Our home and car are powered by Octopus Energy. You can get a £50 credit if you use our referral link. We get the same so its a win win.


Thanks for watching,

Kate and Andy

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