Performance OR Long Range AWD | Putting the Model Y Trims to the Test

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This week we put the Performance and Long Range AWD Model Y against each other to see which one is best for the money.
When buying a Model Y today, you have two choices for the trim, Performance or Long Range AWD. If you decide to splurge for the Performance Package, Tesla promises larger brakes, 21” wheels, performance pedals, a spoiler and a quicker 0-60 time. The performance upgrade adds $8,000 to the cost of a LR AWD Model Y with 19” Gemini or $6,000 if you compare it to a LR AWD with 20” Induction wheels like ours.

In this video we test handling and ride quality on mountain roads, drag race from zero to sixty miles per hour, and complete a 400 mile real world highway speed range test.

Audio Track needs by Nolai:

The Kilowatts | @KLWTTS

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