Sony’s latest soundbar mimics spatial audio with a 3.1 setup

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Sony HT-G700


Sony showed it was serious about soundbars back in 2018, when it unveiled the HT-ZF9, the first 3.1-channel soundbar with Dolby Atmos and virtual surround sound technology. The company’s soundbar lineup is now pretty extensive, ranging from entry-level kit to complete set ups with price tags to match. The latest addition, the HT-G700, is a mid-range workhorse that offers Sony’s vertical surround engine tech at a reasonable cost.

According to the company, a combo of front- and upward-firing speakers inside the soundbar and an accompanying wireless subwoofer helps the 3.1 channel device (which can upscale regular stereo audio to 7.1.2) carefully throw sound around the room for an immersive audio experience. Its specs mean it can handle sound however it comes — a dedicated center speaker keeps vocal audio clear, while music, voice and night modes will help optimize sound whatever its context. These features aren’t entirely unique to Sony, of course, but they’re solid additions that not every soundbar offers. It’s also been designed with larger TV screen heights (over 55 inches) in mind, so nothing gets lost.

Its compatible with pretty much everything — TV, HDMI, UHD Blu-ray and so on — and offers Bluetooth for wireless music streaming, as well as customizable settings, so if you like your movies bold and booming while your roommate prefers a less intense listening experience, you can jump between options with a few button taps.

The HT-G700 certainly isn’t Sony’s most advanced soundbar, but with an RRP of $600 it packs in a lot of high quality sound features that would definitely wouldn’t find in lower-priced or even similarly-priced models. Its upscalability, vertical surround tech and extensive connectivity means you’ll get long-term use out of it before it’s time for an upgrade, too. Get it from Best Buy and Amazon now.

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