Big Celebration at Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Phase 2 Model Y Building

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Construction workers at Tesla Giga Shanghai are celebrating today the completion of CUB3 Steel structure roof, which is the building in which Tesla plans to make its made-in-China Model Y electric crossover. Lots of progress have been made in the past 2 weeks at Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory.

Tesla Giga Shanghai finished construction on Phase 2's steel frame, which will contain the China-made Model Y's assembly line. From drone-operator Wuwa Vision's latest aerial video (reference below), construction workers appear to have completed steel frames on both Phase 3 buildings.

According to Tesmanian the next step for Giga Shanghai Phase 2 would be roof paving and placement of the floors. The buildings' construction seems to be moving faster than Phase 1 and 1.5. At the rate Giga Shanghai is moving, the buildings could be complete ahead of schedule.

It is unclear whether that means Giga Shanghai could move up the production schedule of the MIC Model Y. However, Tesla Fremont was also way ahead of schedule with its Model Y production, and Giga Shanghai could follow its example.


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