2017 VS 2020 Tesla Model 3 | Heres How Much Has the Model 3 CHANGED in 3 YEARS!

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On March 31st, 2016 Tesla unveiled their long anticipated Tesla Model 3. It allowed for Tesla to enter a whole new market, affordable luxury vehicles. People raved about the Model 3 and over 200,000 orders came in in 24 hours after the launch. Only about 2000 Model 3’s were delivered in 2017 compared to now, where Tesla is delivering over 300,000 Model 3’s each year.

Model trim levels over the years
-Standard Range has been available as an off the menu item where you have to call to buy it. It hasn’t changed since the reveal with 5.6 sec 0-60, 220 miles of range and a price starting at $35,000 after potential savings
Standard Range Plus has had the same 5.3 sec 0-60, an increase range from 240 to 250 miles, and a increased starting price of $39,990 from $37,000
-The discontinued Model 3 which is Mid-Range RWD started at $44,000 and had 260 miles of range.
-Another discontinued model, the Long-Range RWD, had a range of 325 miles, and a starting price of $43,000-$45,000
-The Long Range AWD is still available, has a faster 0-60 of 4.4 seconds, a increased range from 310 to 322 miles, and a decreased starting price from $53,000 to $48,990
-The last model available is the Performance, it has a faster 0-60 from 3.5 sec to 3.2 sec, a increased range to 322 miles and once again a decreased starting price of $56,990
-A newly added performance upgrade can be added to get new performance wheels, an increased top speed, as well as other premium features, the only downside is a decreased top speed to 299 miles from 322 miles.

-2017 computer was considered hardware 2.5 and in simpler terms couldn’t support Full self driving
-2020 Model 3 computers now are considered hardware 3.0 and should be able to support Tesla’s Full Self Driving system

Autopilot levels
-In 2017, “Enhanced Autopilot” was a $3,000 upgrade and could do basic driving movements like steering, braking, and acceleration in its lane which was mostly meant for interstates and highways. Full Self Driving was $5,000 and at the moment, could do automatic lane changes and navigate on more suburban roads.
-Now in 2020, “Enhanced autopilot” is now called Autopilot and is included in the car at now extra cost. Full Self Driving is now available for $7000 and is pretty much the same as the 2017 version, but will eventually become FSD capable with a software update.

Other Changes
-Weather stripping in rear trunk- help prevent rain from dripping in
-UV-coating on top of cars has been changed to show less of a rainbow effect when wet and shined on by the sun. It’s also reported that the newer UV coating keeps the cabin cooler than previous version.
-Alcantara cloth changed to a suede-like synthetic cloth after about 2000 Model 3’s. The change was reportedly due to supplier problems. The alcantara cloth was supposed to be on pillars, headliners, and sun visors but were changed without warning. The alcantara cloth was included in the $5,000 premium upgrade package that no longer exists anymore and is included in certain trim levels.
-Build quality has also changed over the years. Tesla is known to have a relatively sub-par build quality for the first couple thousand or so vehicles produced for a new Model. Large panel gaps and easily breakable parts in the first Model 3’s were prevalent. Over the years we have seen way less complaints.
-Seats are overall more firm with more padding but still more comfortable. More thigh support, and keeps you from moving more than the previous generation. Stitching has been relocated in various parts of the seats to promote more comfort. Rear seats have been improved- seated up higher as well as given more of an angle to allow for more thigh support
-You can buy a key fob from Tesla rather than using your included keycard for $150. It's pretty similar to the Model X and S key. There are now 3 “keys” to a Model 3: the Tesla app, the included keycard, or the $150 key fob.

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