Detailed 2019 Tesla Model S P100D Review – Is the Fastest Sedan in the World Due for a Refresh?

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Hi everyone as always I appreciate your support of the channel. Firstly, I apologize in the beginning with the construction noise my neighborhood has a lot of development going on, and I have to deal with it. So today Tesla loaned us a Model S P100D so we could test drive and give our thoughts on.

My first experience with the Tesla Model S started in 2012 when a good friend brought his Model S P85 over to my place. I really fell in love after he let me drive the P85 Model S. Even years ago, the Model S P85 was still wicked fast and frankly very close to what you see here today even years later. For this reason and I do expect some hate here, I think the Tesla Model S is overdue for a refresh.

In this video, my friend Chris and I take an in-depth test drive with the Tesla Model S P100D. We demonstrate the Model S P100D performance, autopilot, interior capacity, handling capabilities, cost and discuss our thoughts on Tesla's brand. While I am a massive fan and support Tesla, I cannot at this time (Oct 2019) recommend spending $120,000 to buy a car that frankly has not changed much in some time.

Having said that, the Tesla Model S P100D is a phenomenal car. The P100D is still the fastest production car in the world with a 0 to 60 in under 2.5 seconds. Some have recorded the Tesla Model S P100D as fast 2.3 seconds to 60, and frankly, you feel it. We did a few high-speed runs and its just drama free speed.

One interesting fact about the 2019 Tesla Model S P100D is that they have made it more difficult to tell you bought the top-of-the-line model by removing the badge. Now all the Tesla Model S P100D says is Dual Motor with a red line underneath which indicates ludicrous mode. Other than that, you can only tell by the red brake calipers and a small carbon fiber wing on the back. Frankly, for $120,000 I recommend Tesla not forget about the exclusivity factor of their top range vehicles. In the end, thats a lot of money and you should not feel bad for letting the world know you bought the fatest car in the world.

Now, the Tesla Model S P100D is around $120,000, but you do get a lot for your money. The P100D has class-leading performance and technology. Tesla's autopilot is still by far the best in the world and is easily two years ahead of the next closest competitor. And no one comes close to the performance of this thing yet. But, and this is negative, the Tesla Model S interior and technology are frankly almost the same as it was in 2012. Sure they have made minor upgrades to the inside and outside and of course technology, but at a first look, it looks and drove like my friends 2012 P85D. For this reason, I discussed my honest thoughts about it needing a refresh.

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