Tesla Model 3 ELDA Has Problems (2019.16.2)

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ELDA = Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

This is a video documenting an issue with the Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance introduced on 2019.16.2. It just seems like it is way too sensitive and it reacts in many situations that it shouldn't. I have gotten in a habit of turning it off before every drive because it does it routinely every single drive, and multiple times at that. The problem is that it automatically turns on every single time you start the vehicle.

I have filed a bug report and I know they will figure it out. Just be careful out there and make sure to turn it off at the beginning of every drive, or if you keep it on, make sure you are always paying attention just in case it tries anything.

Tesla's Wild Intro – 0:00
Opening Remarks – 0:22
Text from Friend – 3:12
Tesla UI ELDA Settings – 3:49
ELDA Release Notes – 4:11
DEER!!! – 4:42
POV Driving – 4:44
Problem First Example – 5:07
Problem Second Example – 5:46
Closing Remarks – 5:56

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